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Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?

by Peter Serven with 17 comments

Custom Google Maps Application Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?Would you Survive? That is the question!

So, I’ve been doing some work with a custom Google Maps based app. And I was blown away.

Oh don’t worry, not literally blown away. (I know, you’re still thinking about a nuke.)

Did you know you can create a custom Google Map that displays only the data you chose? You can even get down to the smallest details and change the whole look to match your website! That’s right. Color, texture, details, roads, you name it.

I had no clue you could have so much fun with a map. I mean, I don’t think of maps as “fun.”

I was wrong.

Say you wanted to create an app that shows the best fishing spots in the US. You could easily tone back or remove any unnecessary items on the map and bring the lakes and rivers to the forefront. You could even show where the fish bite better depending on the time of day. (Okay, so?) By combining your App’s datebase with Google Maps, you can build an awesome experience for your users. Something really unique that doesn’t even look like a regular ol’ Google Map anymore.

So maybe you are not into the whole angling thing—neither am I. Below is a short list of some interfaces that really caught my eye.

My favorite? The last link. It’ll blow you away…

Here are the apps that caught my eye…

Zaarly – Think of it as a visual Craigslist.

Post what you want and get it from folks nearby. zaarly.com
zaarley custom google maps Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?Zarrly – Custom Google Maps

MapItAt – Find rentals around your area.

A slickly designed app that will show you where there are available apartments or rentals in your area. mapitat.com
MapItAt custom google maps Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?MapItAt

TaskRabbit – Not just for Peter Rabbit or Benjamin Bunny…

Post the task you need done and the price you will pay. Or do small jobs for other people. taskrabbit.com
TaskRabbit custom google maps Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?TaskRabbit

Shipfinder – Live ship tracking around the world.

You are going to waste at least a few minutes here… guaranteed! Check out how many Chinese ships are off the coast of California… oh wait, those are just for “cargo”. Right. shipfinder.co
shipfinder custom google maps Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?ShipFinder

OnTheWayApp – Get excited about all those hours on the road!

Nice mashup of highlights along your road trip route. onthewayapp.com
OnTheWayApp custom google maps Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?OnTheWayApp

The next link is my favorite. I plug in my location, and the amazing genius of an app tells me if I will survive a possible nucleaur blast. Essentially, my family and I would live but we would have “greatly reduced lives”… haha! That sounds like it would hurt.

Would you survive a Nuke?

Combines your location with nuclear warhead locations. wouldisurviveanuke.com
Would you survive a Nuke custom google maps Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?Would you survive a Nuke?

So those are just a few ways that people are building their apps using the Google Maps API. Awesome right?

And they’re not the only ones turning the ol’ atlas into something new and creative. Someday we’ll tell you about the new app we’re working on, but for right now, our lips are sealed. Sorry. Mhh-mmmm.

(Buuuuut if you’re desperately curious, you can catch a glimpse below…)

Custom Google Maps Application Style Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?A custom Google Maps interface we are designing

Do you want to create your own custom map? Go here and with a few changes, you can create you own map styling.

Have you run across other sites that use Google Maps to create their own custom map? Tell us about it, and we promise to reply!

Peter Serven

Written by

Peter is the co-founder of Serven Design. He helps businesses use the internet to reach more customers, more effectively, for more profit. He builds websites using the latest innovative ideas and design practices which help sites sell more.

17 Responses to “Can Google Maps Save You from Nuclear Holocaust?!?”

  1. Hey Guys, I would love to hear what you think about this post… If you have any suggestion for future topics, comment below.

  2. Great post! One topic I’d like to see a post on is content management systems; which ones you like, if you use WordPress frameworks or build from the ground up, etc.

  3. Mãrdit says:

    Love the post! Thanks for helping me waste time on some of those links, they were interesting. What about some future posts on copy writing how to’s?

  4. Ian Serff says:

    Great research and findings on this Peter. Excited to hear more soon and how it plays out on the project!

  5. Well done. This is excellent!

  6. Anthony Metcalf says:

    If you read Bridge to Infinity by Bruce Cathie and his other two books Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 695 he explains that to detonate a nuclear bomb.
    Here is what he says on pg55 of Harmonic 695 about an atomic bomb:
    The bomb is , in short a geometric device which can only be detonated in accordance with the unbreakable laws of geometry!The device is detonated by the manipulation of the relative motions of the atomic particles enclosed within its casing; and this can only be effected by placing the bomb on,under or over specific geometric point related to the earth’s surface,at a specific time.
    The idea of some terrorist organisation getting hold of uranium/plutonium and making a bomb and then detonating it in a public place WON’T WORK!
    PS the author (now deceased) was approached by government and security officials and requested not to publish the above information.Thankfully he ignored them and published it!(1968 and 1971)
    Sorry ,but I don’t believe in the nuclear threat ,it is a hoax that two countries like the US and Russia will blast each other into oblivion with nukes!

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